Respect.  Discipline.  Hard Work.

Electric North Jiu Jitsu is a veteran owned martial arts academy that specializes in Jiu-jitsu. The level of training ranges from complete novice practitioners to elite competitors and includes programs geared towards  adults and children as young as 5 years old. The academy is a Checkmat affiliated gym under Leo Vieira and Joao Assis. Electric North is owned and led by Black Belt Professor Greg Anderson, who received his Black Belt from World Champion Joao Assis, out of Checkmat Huntington Beach/ Electric Jiu Jitsu. This academy will follow in line with Professor Joao Assis's approach to Jiu Jitsu. Building a strong foundation of discipline, hard work and respect while following a well structured curriculum in conjunction with high intensity training.

Greg Anderson (Owner & Head Coach) 



Joseph Brimhall ( Kids Coach ) 

Joseph Brimhall is a life long martial artist with an enthusiasm that makes it hard not to enjoy learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Now a brown belt in BJJ this judo convert has over 20 years of Gi sport related activity. He believes that kids learn best when having fun. A father and husband himself, don't be surprised to see his whole clan on the mat.



Craig Gorman ( Wrestling Coach ) 

Craig brings over 20 years of wrestling to the mats and coached at various levels. Craig's focus is combining takedowns and wrestling pressure and making it applicable to Jiu JItsu! The art of takedowns will not be lost! 



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